With great procurement power comes great responsibility.

You have control over how sustainable your supply chain is. Your supply chain represents 93% of your footprint, and is the focus of current and coming ESG regulation. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you and your suppliers.

With great procurement power comes great responsibility.


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Accelerating supply chain sustainability

We're excited to help sustainability leaders kickstart and accelerate their sustainable procurement practices

From baselining how sustainable their suppliers are today, to integrating sustainability in their supplier management and purchasing processes, we help companies achieve supply chain sustainability objectives and become regulatory compliant.

Accelerating supply chain sustainability

The vision behind Responsibly
Meet the founders

The vision behind Responsibly

In our previous ventures we were both on the supplier and buyer end of procurement processes. We experienced first-hand how stressful it could be as a supplier to get large ESG questionnaires that often weren't relevant for us. We also saw the impact we could have on our own suppliers when we pushed sustainability objectives, but we struggled to find the resources to realize it at scale.

From that came an idea. What if every company in the world had sustainability on the scorecard when evaluating suppliers? What if technology took the complexity and workload out of it and made sustainability as easy to evaluate as price? We started Responsibly in 2021 to find out.

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