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Techie, rom-coms and elephants

Meet our awesome product manager Hope

Techie, rom-coms and elephants

Let us introduce you to Hope, our awesome Product Manager. Hailing from the US, she has joined Responsibly, which makes total sense if you ask us because awesome people like to join awesome companies (are we being too honest?)

Here are some quick things about Hope:

What is your professional background?

I’m a techie at heart and have worked in Product for many years, building digital solutions to both address customer needs and add business value. 💻

Fun fact about yourself:

‍I was cast at the age of 8 for a popular comedy sequel. 🎞

Favorite movie/music:

I’m a fan of 80s rom-coms and action movies. 🎥

Favorite memory:

‍Being up close and personal with a family of elephants in Botswana. ✈️

Why do you like working at Responsibly?

Responsibly is a place with a great group of talent, a welcoming atmosphere, and driven by a greater purpose for impact around taking action today for a sustainable future. ☀️

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