Supplier Data Portal Terms

Last updated September 20, 2022

Supplier Data Portal Terms

The following shall apply to the Solution: Supplier Data Portal.

Description of the Solution

Responsibly’s Supplier Data Portal is a centralized repository for internal and external sustainability-related data and supplier sustainability ratings for a Customer’s suppliers. The Supplier Data Portal includes a data pipeline that aggregates publicly available sources, a buyer portal where the Customer can upload, see, and manage data, and a supplier portal where the Customer can send their suppliers data requests. The Supplier Data Portal includes an engine that transforms the raw data aggregated and uploaded into sustainability ratings. The sustainability ratings are configured according to a Customer’s needs by configurable scorecards that define the supplier segment and rating criteria for that segment.

Description of Cloud Services

Responsibly will deliver the following Cloud Services as part of the Solution:

  • Access to the Solution to an unlimited number of users within Customer's organization as further specified in the Agreement.

  • Hosting of the Solution.

  • Maintenance of the Solution as further described in the Agreement.

  • Support to Customer's users within Customer's organization through the following channels between 9 am and 4 pm on Danish business days:
    - Chat which can be accessed in the Solution
    - Phone: +45 2251 6601
    - Email:

Technical requirements

Customer is responsible for delivery of data (see below) to Responsibly or make the data readily available for Responsibly through APIs, SFTPs or similar as instructed by Responsibly.


Responsibly requires the following data from Customer to deliver the Solution and related Services:

  • Supplier master data, incl. as min. supplier name, country, and category (more fields may be necessary to unlock additional functionality)

  • Any documents or data collected prior to implementing Responsibly, that Customer wants represented in the platform (e.g. documents, surveys, etc.)

If additional data is required for the Solution, Responsibly will inform Customer.

Third party software or data


Material sub-suppliers


Special conditions

The Solution will support Customer in its screening of suppliers. However, Customer acknowledge and agrees that the screening is based on data from e.g. publicly available sources, Customer's suppliers and Customer itself and therefore Responsibly does not warrant that the data in the Solution is accurate or non-infringing, or that the result of any screening of a supplier by use of the Solution is accurate.


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